Toronto International Academy known as one of best private high school here in Canada. Located in Mississauga and Oakville, TIA (Toronto International Academy) offer high quality programs that foster positive learning experiences and allow students to strive for academic excellence. The school, furthermore, places the utmost emphasis on the continued progress of teaching methodologies in order to provide students with the highest and most up-to-date educational experience.

We continuously open registration starting from Grade 9 until Grade 12.

Why continue study in Canada?

Canada is one of country with big opportunity. Lots of international students would like to apply and continue study in Canada. Compare to US school we certainly cheaper and provide with lots of opportunity for skills which still in high demand. For example veterinarian, business, marketing, engineer. More over to come to Canada to pursue their qualifications to become Permanent Resident. For Indonesian people we only have 15.000 citizen and still below the average compare to Vietnamese which increasing in 2018 become 400.000 citizens. There is a chance for Indonesians students who would like to apply. Why have to wait until University? If you registered starting from high school it will give you more chance to be accepted in Top University plus get full scholarship based on your Grade 12 score at Toronto International Academy.

Why choose Toronto International Academy?

Our high school is private high school with qualified teacher and small classes size. We only concern about developing and help students to achieving their goals. In terms of developing student needs, the school faculty and administration ensures that every student is nurtured in regard to their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth, with the goal of making the students responsible and capable young adults. TIA facilitates smooth and successful transitions into post-secondary programs in Canada and around the world, while simultaneously providing a stimulating and encouraging learning environment.


Our Core values are teaching students values such as respect  for all members of the school community, individual self-worth, respect for learning and acceptance of moral standards, and conducting befitting Canadian classrooms. We provide small classrooms that will be maximum only for 8 students per class.

We do have community involvement. The school believes in the importance of students participating in, and being active members of their community. Toronto International Academy helps students adapt and integrate into their community, helps them broaden their horizons, and allow them to succeed in all of their future academic and professional endeavors. TIA also guides international students through the Canadian school system, assisting them in adapting comfortably to a new life in Canada.

All international students will be provided for homestay and qualified foster parents that will be fully in charge for each students. Students can possibly request for location and personal needs, but it will be strict rules for each family. Our homestay distance average will be around 4-6km from our school campuses. For International students we do offer partial scholarship for those potential students who would like to apply.

Our main intake for regular high school and pathway programs start in July and September. For those who wants to broaden their first experience to study overseas we recommend students to take Summer School starting in July-August. Duration course for Summer School 3 weeks or more.

For more details about tuition fees, you should check our main school website or contact our

Indonesia Representative : Cindy (+6281513514992) or you can catch up through email . Don’t forget to visit our social media aaccounts, Instagram : @tiaschools.indonesia and @tiaschools

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